CONCORD, Calif. (KRON) — Thieves are now targeting Bay Area coin shops and going at great lengths to break in. Several store owners have spoken out since KRON4 reported last night a Martinez jewelry store was broken into. Those store owners share similar experiences within the last couple months.

One Concord coin shop owner says the thieves made off with nearly $200,000 worth of inventory.

“It’s a big loss. It’s a lot of money, so that was tough… just kind of breaks you,” said coin shop owner Manny De La Campa.

De La Campa says he’s been struggling to recover ever since thieves seen in this surveillance photo with their getaway vehicles — broke into his shop, known as U.S. Coins and Jewelry in Concord, and stole nearly $200,000 worth of inventory in mid-April.

De La Campa says the burglars took a handful of other items and also caused thousands in damages.

They had broken into the front gate, the main door, then the cage. They opened the safe.

Something else that many other coin shops across the Bay Area have also experienced over the past couple of months are a group of jewelry thieves that use fast cars and are in and out right away, using chains, hooks, big trucks and crow bars.

A video shows two suspects breaking into Martinez Coin & Jewelry Exchange.

New surveillance video from an Oakland coin shop shows another group of suspects using a U-Haul truck to ram down the store’s gate and doors in order to gain access.

The owner of that store says the thieves made off with about $20,000 in merchandise and caused $90,000 worth of damages.

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There’s no recourse. nobody’s doing anything about it

De La Campa and other owners are now speaking out to grab the attention of their city leaders to do something about the rampant high-end heists.