LAFAYETTE, Calif. (KRON) – The Bay Area’s recent wet weather is driving rodents to seek shelter indoors.  

Local pest control expert, Gilbert Jaimez, said he is getting swamped with calls about rats and other animals getting into homes.

He recently went to a Lafayette home where rats had already snuck inside. “See that hole? They can get right in there and start to eat the wall. The sheet rock is like butter to them,” said Jaimez.

He said with all of the recent rain, the calls are pouring in for help to catch the rodents. “They can find any hole, and get inside,” said Jaimez.

He said sealing your home is critical to prevent an infestation. For problems already inside your home, you will have to set up traps. 

Jaimez added there is one big misconception about vermin. “You could have the cleanest home, that’s not the problem. You should be able to have food out. They are just trying to find shelter, that’s the problem,” said Jaimez.

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If you suspect you have a rodent problem, don’t forget to check your vehicle. “Look around. They love to eat the wiring,” said Jaimez.