College students encouraged to register, vote in Contra Costa County

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PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KRON) – The Contra Costa County Elections Division is working at a fever pitch to get out the vote, targeting college students who have yet to register for the upcoming gubernatorial election.

“Our turnout has not been as high for younger generations than older, historically. So, we really are hoping that we can engage our younger generations, and have them want to be a part of this important process,” Debi Cooper said. 

County clerk-recorder and registrar of voters, Debi Cooper joined her outreach team set-up in a trailer at DVC in Pleasant Hill Tuesday educating students about the voting process.

Cooper says 35-percent of the mail-in ballots have already been returned but says older voters are outpacing younger voters.

“It’s important that everybody votes,” Cooper said. 

So far, more than 55-percent of voters 65 years of age or older have turned in their ballots — Compared to about 18% of those 18 to 34-years-old.

“We eventually, you know, pretty soon are going to have to take this country into our own hands and try to make it a better place. And, you know, the only you can do that is by staying engaged, pay attention, you know, just trying to be on top of everything,” Nolan Knudsen said. 

In addition to the post office, you can leave your ballot in one of 36 secured ballot-drop-off boxes throughout the county.

On Friday, eight regional voting centers will open for in-person voting.

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