SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — A man was reunited with his brand new television after it was stolen from the back of his pickup truck, according to a post from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

A man the sheriff’s office identified as Chuck purchased an 85-inch TV at Costco before he loaded it into the back of his pickup truck. On his way home, he stopped at the grocery store for a few minutes. When he came back to his truck, his TV was gone. Chuck called Costco to report the stolen TV.

A good Samaritan found the TV and dropped it off with the sheriff’s office. That’s when the sheriff’s office posted about the TV on social media, asking the community for help.

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“You did not disappoint!” the sheriff’s office wrote.

An employee at the Costco store saw the social media post and remembered Chuck calling about his missing TV. The employee called the sheriff’s office and provided sale details to prove that the TV belonged to Chuck.

On Thursday, Chuck stopped by the sheriff’s office to pick up his tv. He told deputies he is grateful to the person who found the TV and turned it in.

“Sonoma County, you’re the best!” the post said.