MONTCLAIR (KRON) — Hundreds mourned the loss of 34-year-old Shuo Zeng Sunday morning, including his cousin Jessie who describes him as a brother.

“To be honest right now I still don’t believe he’s no longer with me,” Jessie said.

They both moved to the United States from China when they were younger.

“I always have Shuo., he’s my older brother,” she said.

Others describe Zeng as a friend, a hardworking employee, and a warrior.

“He loved the community,” Yan Cheng said. “He cared about others.”

Cheng was friends with Zeng for more than 10 years. 

They went to college together at Kansas State University. 

Zeng moved to the Bay Area after graduating to work for Aspera, a company later sold to IBM.

Michelle Munson recruited Zeng to work for Aspera.

“He was everything you’d ever want him to be,” she said. “He was an outstanding scientist, he did superb work for our team for many years.”

Coworkers joined the crowd on Sunday at the Starbucks near Montclair where he died.

Zeng died while chasing the suspects who stole his laptop. He grabbed the door of their getaway car as they sped away. Zeng was then dragged and hit his head on a parked car.

Police charged 21-year-old Javon Lee and 22-year-old Byron Reed in connection to the laptop theft.

“He came here to live his American dream but suddenly all this just stopped by the criminals. I wish that the criminals be held accountable and that justice can be brought to Shuo and his family.”