Community on edge after intentional fires set near San Pablo animal shelter

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SAN PABLO (KRON) — Fires were intentionally set at a San Pablo animal shelter.

Jelly’s Place said they’ve had two fires on their property within the last two weeks and now want its neighbors to help stop whoever’s responsible.

There’s about 100 dogs and cats here and that’s the shelters’ biggest concern.

Both fires were started in the wooded area near the property, and each time it’s gotten closer to the animals.

“This is little Lance, he escaped the fire of course,” Julie Bainbridge said.

Bainbridge is a long time rescuer and founder of Jelly’s Place Animal Rescue in San Pablo.

She said someone recently set two fires in the wooded area on the shelter’s property.

“Seen the flames were all the way up the trees there,” she said. “I started to really get worried that we would — I was in shock. I said ‘oh my God are we gonna have to evacuate the animals? Do we need to start moving dogs out, getting them out of crates get them out the doors?'”

The two fires happened four days a part, the second one set even closer to the rescue that shelters 100 dogs and cats.

“Every fire gets a little closer to the shelter,” Bainbridge said. “So each time it just worries us even more that its going to eventually get to the buildings are going to have to evacuate or lose a lot of animals.”

Bainbridge said the fires started happening after she called police to remove homeless people sleeping in the wooded area on the shelter’s property.

“Shortly after that, we started getting harassed by this gentleman,” she said.
“Started threatening us, coming into property on driveway, taunting us, calling us names, very upset because he was asked the leave the property.”

Bainbridge said the shelter’s most concerned about its animals and the homes around the shelter.

She said whoever it is, she wants them caught before they strike again as its also the peak of the dangerous fire season.

“We’re pretty sure this is going to happen again and that’s why were trying to get the word out to have people keep an eye out and help catch this person,” Bainbridge said.

The owner said a local company, Tekulus, rushed in to help.

The company donated and set up a surveillance system at the shelter, hoping to catch whoever’s setting these fires.

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