SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — In San Francisco, the 700 patients at Laguna Honda Hospital remain in limbo as the hospital is in danger of being shut down.  Wednesday morning, its supporters rallied to save it.  

“This facility during the pandemic saved lives,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed said. “Even when workers were getting sick they kept people safe.”

Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) terminated Laguna Honda’s participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, which are the hospitals main sources of funding.

“Laguna Honda is a vital connection in the city and county of San Francisco,” Michael Stoutmeyer, a former patient said.

CMS says that state inspectors found numerous violations during multiple visits. Including finding people smoking inside the hospital.

There were also apparently problems with hand hygiene, documentation, infection prevention, lack of PPE protocols and patients missing doses of medication.

By law, the hospital is now required to come up with a plan to move patients to other facilities. Late last week, the hospital released details on how it would handle the closure and in response, CMS has given Laguna Honda four more months of funding.

Breed says that despite the tight timeline, the city is committed to fixing the problems and keeping the hospital open.

Although the city is working to address the problems, staff here at the hospital have already begun evaluating patients on a case-by-case basis and trying to locate somewhere they can go if the hospital is forced to close.