SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Tensions continue 24 hours after a very emotional San Francisco school district board meeting where commissioner Ann Hsu joined a unanimous vote.

Hsu’s role on the board coming under attack for stating that unstable family environments and a lack of parental encouragement were the biggest challenges in educating black and brown children.

“I know of her talents, and I believe she has shown that she can do the job and has apologized,” said Patrick Wolff, Ann Hsu supporter.

“Everyone makes a mistake,” said Wolff. Hsu apologized again in the board meeting Tuesday.

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“I believe in her apology and the integrity of what she had to say but I believe the attention compromises the work that needs to be done,” Leslie Hu, secretary of the United Educators San Francisco.

 “Schools start soon, we need to be focused on that not this,” said Hu.

At the meeting Tuesday, Hsu said she has no plans to step down with her supporters backing her and those against her said they will not stop until she is removed.