SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Many students will be headed back to the classroom this week–and that has some parents and school staff concerned.

A group called “Equal Opportunity Now/By Any Means Necessary” is asking all Bay Area schools to go back to virtual learning.

In the meeting, many concerned parents and school staff members spoke out about fearing going back in person with so many positive COVID-19 cases right now.

But an epidemiology professor says not everyone needs to worry.

This week, many students will be headed back to the classroom after the holidays and winter break.

UCSF Epidemiology Professor George Rutherford says parents of vaccinated children shouldn’t be concerned.

But members of the “Equal Opportunity Now/By Any Means Necessary Group” say they are concerned about people’s safety regardless of vaccination status.

The group held a media conference when a concerned mother in Oakland spoke out saying sending children back in person is a risk.

Alice Philips is a counselor at a middle school in Oakland. She says she’s worried about both the children and the staff because some may be at a higher risk of having a severe reaction.

“I’m old, I have a condition,” she said.

But Rutherford says if students and staff are fully vaccinated–and boosted if they’re eligible, they shouldn’t worry.

He says unvaccinated children are at higher risk.

They are also likely to pass the illness on to an older person in their home who may have a worse reaction. He recommends that everyone continues to mask in school and they should test negative before going back.

He also recommends doing what you can to limit your child’s exposure to others.

Rutherford says a faster lunch will result in less time un-masked and in close contact with others.

He expects booster doses to be approved for people ages 12-15 as soon as next week.