Concerns grow as coyotes attack pets in Pleasant Hill

Bay Area

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KRON) – There are growing concerns over coyotes in the East Bay — Disturbing videos from the last few weeks have captured attacks on pets. 

These images serving as a warning to people who might leave their animals outside. 

Some of the residents in Pleasant Hill said they’ve become a little worried about just how active and comfortable the coyotes have gotten in their neighborhoods.

A few days ago, an attack on a cat was caught on camera and it’s really upset people in the area. A pair of coyotes are caught on camera attacking a black cat.

Despite the vicious thrashing the cat is able to get away and leads the hungry duo on a chase.

It’s one of the latest violent run-ins between pets and coyotes in Pleasant Hill.

Mary Lou Saunders says she’s noticed an uptick in coyote activity along Vicki Lane. The wild canines have been the talk of the neighborhood.

The coyotes have been spotted roaming the streets and yards at all hours of the day.

The video of the coyote attack has been troubling to watch for people who live in the neighborhood but some also see wildlife as a part of making your home near wooded areas.

Fear might not be driving the conversation but many agree to keep your pets, especially small ones, protected.

KRON4 has been told the cat did survive that attack.

The UC Integrated Pest Management Program suggests people living in suburban areas should try to frighten the animals so they do not get too comfortable around humans. 

It’s also suggested that you do not leave your small animals outside where coyotes have been spotted. 

We’ve been told the cat did survive that attack.

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