Concord buyback event yields hundreds of guns

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CONCORD (KRON) – Up the hill to the Concord Pavilion, people live in Concord, Walnut Creek and Clayton took advantage of the Concord Police Department’s first gun buyback event since 2013.

“This is a 38-caliber.”

In five hours, more than 200 guns were collected — and will eventually be safely destroyed.

“A couple of rifles, a shotgun and a pistol,” Linda Jacobs said as she described what she turned in.

Each person with their own reasons for trading the guns in for gift cards.

“An old 22-rifle that we never use,” Josh Dulong said. “So, we thought we would take the opportunity to turn it in and get some money for it.”

Others feel less safe with them around.

“I don’t like guns,” Jim Otake said.

And, most simply don’t want the firearms ending up on the streets.

“That’s why I’m here,” Jacobs said. “I don’t want them falling into the wrong hands, and we don’t use them.”

Tubs of guns no longer potential threats to public safety.

“A lot of the weapons that end up in the wrong hands come as a result of burglaries, etc.,” Lt. Sam Staten said. “And, this gives us an opportunity to have people that no longer want their weapons a safe place to do it.”

Deadly shootings during an Airbnb party in Orinda, a high school in Santa Clarita and, most recently an apparent murder-suicide in San Diego essentially wiping out an entire family are direct examples of the harm misused firearms can cause.

“I would have brought them in without being compensated,” Jacobs said. “Just having the knowledge that someone’s going to take them and destroy them.”

A weight off shoulders, a trade that works for both sides — also bringing peace of mind.

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