SONOMA, Calif. (KRON) — A Confederate flag were spotted at the Sonoma Raceway last weekend, images shared with KRON4 show. It was flown despite a ban against the flag, which is written on the Sonoma Raceway’s website.

Image from the NAACP’s Santa Rosa-Sonoma Chapter.

The Santa Rosa-Sonoma Chapter of the NAACP said on Facebook that its members called the raceway twice on Sunday about the flag. It said the first phone call, which was made by the chapter’s vice president, was “met with resistance.”

After a second call informed the raceway that the flag was still visible, the NAACP said a Sonoma Raceway employee told them a security team would be dispatched to remove the flag. The NAACP says the raceway adopted a policy banning confederate flags in 2018, but must be more proactive in enforcing it.

“Sonoma Raceway must take steps to be more proactive in ensuring that camping sites are thoroughly reviewed before attendees walk to the raceway, ensuring that people of color can attend your events without fear,” the NAACP Santa Rosa-Sonoma Facebook post read.

Sonoma Raceway said it wants to create an inclusive environment and will review its policy. Flags were found by staff members making sweeps of the crowd, the raceway said, and their owners were cooperative in taking them down.