(KRON) — The Contra Costa County Animal Services is offering free adoptions through the month of August after reaching maximum capacity.

Here are some of the pets available for adoption, fostering or transferring:

Butternut (A1005887) is described as a sweet pit bull puppy that came into the shelter with parvovirus. After recovering from parvo, Butternut contracted an upper respiratory infection that became pneumonia due to her weakened immune system. After support and care from the shelter, she is now ready for adoption.

Sasha (A1006652) is described as a sweet and loving white German Shepherd that came into the animal shelter with history of maggots and severe draining tracts on his hind end. He is doing better after work up including culture of skin lesions, the shelter said.

Dandy Lion (A1006777) is a sweet dog who came in severely matted with foxtail tracts all over his body. He had three head wounds resulting from a maggot infestation. After multiple sedations, he still has one draining tract that has a remaining foxtail yet to be found. He has permanent damage to both eyes, but they were able to be saved.

To see a full list of available animals at their shelter, click here.