DANVILLE, Calif. (KRON) – COVID-19 case numbers and test positivity rates continue a downward trend bringing Contra Costa County closer to moving from the purple to the red tier.

Still, it’s been tough for some residents and businesses watching other counties reopening faster.

Businesses are suffering from a case of fear of missing out.

Valley Medlyn’s Diner in Danville has always offered to seat outdoors but the addition of a parklet has helped the business survive during the pandemic.

Still, waitress Akiea Cortlandt says the shop cannot fully thrive until customers are allowed indoors.

“The lack of people that aren’t coming is mainly because they don’t want to sit outside. So hopefully, when that changes, everyone’s going to come back and then we’ll be able to profit more from it,” Akiea Cortlandt said. 

Cortlandt is hoping indoor dining at a 25-percent capacity will become a reality in Contra Costa County within weeks, as long as case numbers and test positivity rates continue to drop.

“Oh, the anticipations killing us. It’s like we’re right there. But it’s still, we’re almost there,” Cortlandt said. 

Customers seem to want to get to the next step just as much as businesses do.

“It has been too long — yes. We’ve had these start, stop, start, stop, and it’s time to get back to some semblance of normalcy,” a customer said. 

Sentiments echoed by Pete’s Brass Rail and Car Wash down the street.

The business has adapted to these trying times and excelled in outdoor dining but resuming indoor dining would add 37 more chairs and possibly reopening the bar.

“There’s so many times when we have a line and await, and we only have so many tables outside,” Jill Rebiejo said. 

Manager Jill Rebiejo wants to join the party with other Bay Area county’s transitioning from the restrictive purple tier to the less restrictive red tier.

“They ask to come inside. We have to tell them we can’t,” Rebiejo said. 

“Being open and having windows and doors open is very important, and so I think it’s safe and I want to get back inside,” another customer said. 

If all goes well, test positivity rates and the equity metric remain where they were for a second Tuesday in a row.

The county’s public health officer says Contra Costa could move into the red tier next week.