CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Contra Costa County Health Services and Kaiser Permanente say if you have a common illness like the cold, it can be taken care of at home.

Officials said they want to avoid the hospitals from being overcrowded so they are urging people to only go to the hospital if you’re seriously sick or in an emergency.

Officials say we’re in the midst of a tridemic–nurses and doctors are still busy treating patients for Covid, the flu and RSV.

As of Wednesday, 75 county residents are at the hospital with Covid, including 10 that are in intesive care.

The number of Covid cases at the hospital have gone down since December but health officials say hospitals and ambulances are especially impacted during the winter virus season.

Officials are launching a campaign to get people to safely recover at home instead of at a medical center. Officials said only go to the hospital or call 911 in case of an emergency.

Officials said this can reduce the long wait times people are seeing at doctor’s offices and emergency rooms throughout the community. But if you’re having a hard time breathing, chest pains, a fast heartbeat or severe muscle pain, those symptoms may require emergency care.

If you are sick, officials recommend drinking plenty of water, getting rest, taking over the counter medication to reduce a fever or pain and testing for Covid and the flu.

Simple steps like those can help treat most common illnesses and it’ll help doctors and nurses focus on medical emergencies.