CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) – The rain we got late last year and the small amounts of showers from this year haven’t been enough to address the ongoing drought. So instead, the Contra Costa Water District is now calling for customers to conserve 15% compared to what they used in 2020.

The board voted this week to move into stage two of its water shortage plan. This is because we’re facing a third consecutive dry year. 

Right now, a big chunk of the state continues to be in an extreme drought.  The Bay Area is under a severe drought. 

Aside from the new rules the Contra Costa Water District is considering more measures to conserve water.  The district is proposing a temporary drought surcharge of up to 15% starting in July. 

For the average customer who uses 260 gallons of water per day the surcharge would be about 28 cents per day or about $8 a month. Customers who use 200 gallons per day or less would receive a refund to offset the drought surcharge for treated water customers. 

Officials say it’s water allocation from the federal central valley project will be added with local supplies and water stored in its Los Vaqueros reservoir. They say its at 58% capacity. 

So in order to conserve they are asking people starting this week to conserve 15% compared to what they used in 2020. In the meantime, they will have a public hearing to discuss the proposal.

That meeting is scheduled for June 15.