CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – Officials on Friday announced vehicle-based gatherings and services are permitted to resume in Contra Costa County starting Tuesday, May 19 amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to a statement, officials said the new order provides options for religious organizations that have been unable to hold services since stay-at-home orders were enacted.

This also provides an opportunity for schools planning graduation ceremonies.

Gatherings permitted by the new order must take place in large, outdoor areas such as parking lots, for a maximum of three hours.

Except for the host and staff running the gathering, participants would attend in enclosed vehicles – no motorcycles – with only members of the same household in each vehicle.

Each gathering must have a designated host, permission from the property owner and a written plan to ensure physical distancing and other safety requirements are followed. For gatherings larger than 10 vehicles, the host is required to provide security for traffic and safety purposes.

The order includes guidance for allowing participants to use on-site restrooms and transfer of items such as diplomas.

Sale of food or concessions is not permitted, and attendees must wear face coverings if they roll down the windows.

You can read the full order here.

San Mateo County enacted a similar order a few days ago.

Contra Costa County remains one of the Bay Area counties that is maintaining stricter guidelines compared to the rest of the Bay Area and California.

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