CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Hundreds of COVID-19 vaccines have already been administered at two pop-up clinics in Contra Costa County.

The public health department opened the sites on Thursday.

The sites alone are expected to vaccinate at least 1,000 people 16 years of age and older per day.

 Residency is not required, and neither is an appointment.

“You just show up and get a vaccine,” Supervisor Diane Burgis said.

Contra Costa Health Services is trying to ease access to a COVID-19 shot by making drop-in vaccinations available at the Antioch Community Center.

“Be considerate to others and go get vaccinated,” Tiffany Salazar said. “Not for you, but for others also.”

The public health department teamed up with the state’s office of emergency services to open this clinic and another at Veteran Memorial Hall in Richmond Thursday — each with the capacity to administer up to 700 vaccines a day.

“Dealing with the public, you don’t know who you’re coming around, and you know, and I have kids,” Algereese said. “So, it’s definitely a check off.”

The county chose these first two locations because both communities have been hit hardest by the virus.

More sites will open in the coming weeks.

“In East Contra Costa, specifically, we have seen a higher rate of the virus, and we’ve seen a lower rate of vaccinations,” Supervisor Burgis said. “So, its so important that we have brought a clinic out to people and we have removed a lot of the barriers.”

The clinics are open from 9 a.m.until 4 p.m.

On Friday, people received a dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

tiffany salazar/lives in antioch- “I would have been willing to stand in line half a day,” Salazar said. “I don’t care. I just need this vaccine.”

The Richmond and Antioch clinics will remain open at least through Saturday, April 25.