CONTRA COSTA, Calif. (KRON) – Contra Costa remains in the red tier of California’s blueprint for a safer economy.

The county recently announced that vaccine eligibility is now open to ages 50 and above, which should help move Contra Costa into the less restrictive tier but now that more people can get the vaccine, there are concerns if there will be enough to go around.

“It’s all dependent upon doses flowing from the federal government,” John Gioia said. 

Now that Contra Costa opens vaccine eligibility to people age 50 and older who live and work in the county, no underlying health condition required, the question is will the increased demand out-pace vaccine supply?

“Well we are always concerned if the state or federal government are going to cut back our allocation, but we believe now we are in a good position to increase eligibility,” Gioia said. 

That is because Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia says unlike some counties in the Bay Area, Contra Costa receives its vaccine supply from two government sources, the state and the fed.

“Contra Costa County Health Services runs 11 community health clinics plus our county hospital because they are federally qualified health centers that make us uniquely qualified to get doses directly from the federal government. We are hearing both from the Governor and our President that there will be significantly increased doses later in April and into May, that we will be able to handle this larger age group,” Gioia said. 

He says since it was announced there has been a lot of folks signing up to get their shots.

“I am aware that we have seen an increase on our website. I can tell you that I have heard from many people who are in the process of signing up,” Gioia said. 

Contra Costa Health Services officials say their goal is to reach 1 million vaccinations by May 31.