SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — A coronavirus outbreak at a Costco in Sunnyvale led an investigation to four different Costco locations in Santa Clara County.

After reports of COVID-19 clusters at various costco locations circulated, Santa Clara County began an investigation of four Costco stores.

So far, nine Sunnyvale Costco employees have have tested positive for the coronavirus but there is concern that number will go higher still if the infection is not contained. 

A spokesman for Teamsters Union Local 853 says employees are worried.

As of Thursday, July 30, the county can confirm the following breakdown of cases:

  • Gilroy: 6 cases between July 24 and July 30
  • Mountain View: 6 cases between July 15 and July 27
  • San Jose – Senter Road: 8 cases between July 17 and July 22
  • Sunnyvale: 13 cases between July 23 and July 26

The health department confirms it is working with Coscto, based on a 7-point checklist that calls for reporting, contact tracing, communication and sanitation.  

The health department has confirmed at least 9 workers have tested positive for coronavirus at the Costco on Sunnyvale Station Road. Workers, customers and the Workers’ Union are concerned as actions are being taken to contain the further spread of infection.

Santa Clara County is working closely with Costco to ensure the safety of workers and customers at each location.

Preliminary investigation shows that Costco is complying with social distancing and other protocols, officials say, and many of the cases have been caused by community transmission and most likely not internal transmission among employees.

As part of the county’s review of Costco’s procedures and protocols, the county will be providing additional guidance if needed.

Santa Clara County is ready to help Costco in identifying close contacts and advising on appropriate disinfection measures, ensuring that appropriate testing protocols are being followed, as well as measures to prevent workplaces tranmission.

Costco customers should continue to follow protocols including wearing a face covering and engaging in social distancing.

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