SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Shoppers carrying bags of clothing and sneakers out of the Westfield mall won’t be able to do it for much longer.

San Francisco city officials say indoor malls need to close up once again to curb a coronavirus surge.

But the restriction on indoor malls will for now be indefinite.

With this in mind, some shoppers wanted to get their fill before their favorite stores close their doors.

“I called in and they told me Monday so I had to come here in a rush you know,” Marcos Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says of course there’s online shopping, but there’s nothing like actually getting to try things on or at least seeing the latest styles in person.

“It’s just way better in person, you know?” he said.

Comie Sotio also made sure to leave with a full bag of deals.

Although, she thinks the city is making the right call by closing the mall again.

“I mean I’m low key sad but it’s not something that I didn’t see coming,” Sotio said.

Others were here less to get new things — rather return things they didn’t want. The closure possibly making that a little more difficult.

But for safety’s sake, Sergio Ruiz is fine with it.

“I can really understand the reason they would be closing, I mean we don’t want the epidemic to spike back up,” Ruiz said. “It’s unfortunate that that needs to happen but that’s an important measure that we need to take.”

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