MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Health officials in Marin County reported 31 new coronavirus cases on Monday – but no new hospitalizations or deaths.

Marin County could move to the purple tier “next week or the week after that if there’s not a change in the slope,” according to the county’s health officer, Dr. Matt Willis.

With cases on the rise, health officials are still waiting to see the results from Thanksgiving gatherings, which the county health officer worries about.

He says as of Tuesday, they have six COVID-19 hospitalizations and three patients in the ICU. But the county hospitals could see more patients in the next two weeks due to recent infections.

“We’re not going to ultimately be able to enforce our way out of this,” said Willis.

He thinks it’s more important to develop a culture of responsibility and for everyone to understand we’re under a threat.

“We cannot afford to see an even steeper incline in our case rates,” Willis said.

Despite the increase in cases he says efforts have been working, crediting the behavior of the community for the county’s case rates moving slower than other counties.

In terms of a COVID-19 vaccine, Willis said there will be a tier system for who will get priority. First up: Frontline workers in hospitals.

“They need to be protected because they are being exposed,” he said.

The general population may expect to have a vaccine available by spring, Willis added.

Many schools in the county just went back to the classrooms for in person learning, and we’re one month away from the high school district going back to in person learning.

Businesses are likely feeling on edge moving up the tier system for months and then now slowly moving down with more restrictions.

Retail stores in Marin County can have 50% capacity while in the red tier, but that could be minimized to 25%, losing revenue and cutting hours for employees.

Indoor gyms and churches would have to go back outdoors.

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