BERKELEY, Calif. (KRON) – A court decision is requiring UC Berkeley to freeze student enrollment to the same level as it was in 2020-21.

This was issued on Thursday, Feb. 10 — On Monday, the university appealed it to the Supreme Court of California.

This court order would require the university to freeze the enrollment at 42,347.

In 2020-21, enrollment dropped significantly due to the pandemic. New and continuing undergraduate and graduate students temporarily suspended their enrollment.

Therefore, by freezing enrollment to match 2020-21, this decision “would have a devastating impact on prospective students, university admissions, campus operations, and UC Berkeley’s ability to serve California students by meeting the enrollment targets set by the State of California.”

Normally, the campus offers admissions to about 21,000 freshman and transfer students, and about 9,500 are enrolled.

With this order, the campus estimates that it would need to reduce the new undergraduate number by about one-third — That’s about 3,050 fewer students than what enrollment planning currently is looking at.

A press release from UC Berkeley states that “the university has determined that with the majority of graduate student admissions notices having already been sent out, it is too late in the process to reduce graduate student enrollment for 2022-23.”

The university listed a few consequences that this freeze would have on the school:

  • Negatively altering the course of thousands of high school students’ lives who would otherwise be offered the chance to attend Berkeley in the fall of 2022.
  • The risk that academic offerings at UC Berkeley will be limited due to low enrollment, and a commensurate decline in the quality of education UC Berkeley can offer.
  • Severe economic impacts on the Berkeley campus.
  • A reduction in financial assistance for low- and middle-income students.
  • Impairment of UC’s obligation to provide affordable, high-quality education to California residents.

For the full press release, visit the Berkeley News website.