SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Some positive news tonight about COVID-19 in San Francisco — New data suggests hospitalizations and cases have peaked, and are now heading in the right direction.

The reopening of outdoor dining, hair salons, and other services could happen in the very near future in San Francisco so says San Francisco’s health director as cases and hospitalizations are moving downward.

“We are seeing promising trends right now it looks like the worst of the week of the post-December holiday and new years is flattening and decreasing a bit,” Dr. Grant Colfax said. 

The mayor also tweeted that the reproductive rate has dropped below 1, meaning for every person who gets COVID-19, they are passing it on to less than one other person — Meaning San Francisco is slowing the spread and the mayor tweeted if this continues, we could soon start reopening under California’s guidelines.

San Francisco’s health director agreed if the numbers continue in this direction the state could lift the regional stay at home order.

“When that is lifted based on our number we will gradually be able to reopen, I don’t have a  date for you but it looks like it will be sooner than later at this time,” Dr. Colfax said. 

At the present time, San Francisco’s reopening is tied to 10 other Bay Area counties under the state’s regional stay at home order.

Bay Area ICU capacity sits at 6.5%, well below the 15% required, and yet the Greater Sacramento area had its order lifted on January 12, despite an ICU capacity of only 9.4%.

Now that decision was not based on current ICU capacity but ICU projection and the hope is Bay Area ICU projections will also allow reopening soon.