COVID hospitalizations continue to rise in Alameda County

Bay Area

ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – COVID-related hospitalizations continue to climb across the Bay Area.

Alameda County has seen the biggest increase since last week.

This is amid urgent requests by government officials and health care providers for people to get vaccinated.

Alameda County reports almost 50 new hospitalizations in a week. People are taking extra precautions.

In the Niles District of Fremont, people are still wearing masks outside.

“I think that we can all do what we need to do even if it’s just, like putting on a mask while we’re indoors or even outside, I think it’s worth it. I’m a little concerned I don’t want the world to shut down again like when we all had to shelter in place,” Karen Hsi said. 

“I’ve been staying inside a little bit more, going out less. I always keep my mask on even though it’s optional now in places,” Zainab Hassanin said. 

Both women we spoke with say they are worried about the delta variant.

“I’m a little bit more concerned about college because I’m going back so I don’t know how that’s going to be with this new strain coming out because we had agreed to go in person and online but with this new strain who knows if we’re all going to go completely online,” Hassanin said. 

COVID-related hospitalizations are climbing in some Bay Area counties.

Alameda County has seen the biggest increase since last week: The county was at 120 patients on July 22nd, and this week it is at 168.

That’s why public health officials are urging people to mask up in certain places regardless of vaccination status.

Karen Hsi has been moving indoor gatherings with friends outdoors.

“Try to keep it more, let’s gather in someone’s backyard. Just to make it a little bit more comfortable for everybody because everybody is on a different spectrum of how comfortable they feel being indoors,” Hsi said. 

As of this month, data shows Alameda County is seeing an increase in COVID testing. Meanwhile, vaccinations have been down since June.

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