(KRON) — Credit card skimmers are on the rise in the Bay Area, according to the San Pablo Police Department. San Pablo PD got a call Sunday from a local business that located a credit card skimmer on one of their checkout terminals during a routine check.

San Pablo PD credited the vigilance of the store’s employees in finding the skimmer “before it was too late.” The skimmer was removed from the terminal and handed over to the police.

A photo of the skimmer was posted on San Pablo PD’s Facebook.

“As you can see from the photograph, these skimmers are becoming more realistic,” police said. “If you suspect there might be a skimmer installed, please talk with the employees and ask them to check the terminal to make sure that it’s real.”

“We would like to remind everyone that if you’re shopping, please keep an eye out for these skimmers,” police added.

Businesses typically place seals on their terminals to verify their safety and authenticity, police say.

The photo on the left shows the skimmer found in San Pablo. The one on the right shows an example of what a seal looks like.