While more wet weather is on the way, federal and Marin County officials are still trying to assess the damage from last weekend’s big atmospheric river that washed away the ground and severely damaged part of the parking lots at Stinson Beach.

The creek overflowed its banks, causing all the damage.

Officials tell KRON4 that they don’t expect this storm to impede their progress.

Crews from the Conservation Corps North Bay have been busy putting down sandbags and plastic sheeting, trying to build the banks of the Eskoot Creek back up.

The heavy rains of that atmospheric river caused the creek to overflow, and as you can see it’s still flowing into Stinson Beach’s central parking lot.

You can see there’s a lot of rock and mud there too.

National Park workers operating bulldozers have been working to clear this debris.

At this time the worst damage is still roped off with caution tape.

That’s in the north parking lot where all of that rushing water washed away the ground underneath and caused much of the parking lot to collapse.

It makes for an unusual waterfall, but the National Park Service is asking people to stay out of this area because it’s simply unsafe.

The beach itself is still open to the public, but getting to it will be a challenge, especially since the parking lots are inaccessible for now.

Those who live and work in this small beach community say parking is already an issue because there is very little street parking here.

Two Bolinas residents taking a peek at the cleanup worry that this might even impact them if the problems keep all or part of the lots closed into the summer.

The National Park Service says they will have a better picture of what needs to be done when more of the mess is cleaned up.