CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (KRON) — A major sinkhole caused by the New Year’s Eve storm is still under repair.

Work crews were back in action Monday, taking advantage of the break in the rain. Drivers are advised to use caution on Palomares Road near Palo Verde while crews are working.

“The massive amount of water created a sinkhole, caused a covert to fail and subsequently the road,” said John Metlock, Alameda County Public Works deputy director. He said the New Year’s Eve storm created the road hazard and the subsequent of storms that followed have slowed the work being done to get the road back open.

“Here it is almost two months post the big storm. We’re still cleaning up. That rain that we had on December 31 was unprecedented. Nine inches of rain all at once,” said Metlock.

He said the amount of rainwater coming down from the top of the hill overwhelmed the stream flowing into the covert and compromised the road. “This is a stream that runs under the road through a covert. In order to do the repair, we can’t have the water flowing through there. So, we set up a bypass pump upstream that pumps the water around the repair area,” said Metlock.

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This public works crew is taking advantage of the dry forecast in hopes of completing the job before more rain returns. “This was probably going to be fixed much sooner but the rain on Saturday slowed us down. There’s a lot of folks that live on this roadway. So, it’s very important that we get it opened back up,” said Metlock.