SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — An image posted to social media on Thursday appeared to show a Cruise car rear-ending a Muni bus in San Francisco. Cruise said no injuries were caused by the crash.

Image taken by David Bauer.

“This afternoon, one of our vehicles made contact with the rear of a Muni bus. No injuries were reported, there were no passengers present in the Cruise AV, and it has been cleared from the scene,” Cruise tweeted.

The crash happened in front of San Franpsycho, which is located at 1439 Haight Street. The photo was taken by David Bauer.

There have been other incidents involving Cruise cars in San Francisco this week. Two self-driving cars apparently did not detect road closure tape and drove through a closed street at the intersection of Leavenworth Street and Clay Street.

The street was closed due to downed Muni wires. Cruise confirmed that cars briefly entered areas with downed trees or power lines during the storm.

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“Some were able to proceed autonomously, but where needed, we immediately dispatched teams to remove the vehicles,” Cruise tweeted.

Cruise is a self-driving car company headquartered in San Francisco and affiliated with General Motors and Honda. The city has permitted autonomous cars to cruise its streets without drivers since 2020.