(KRON) — Representative Eric Swalwell of California’s District 15 is no stranger to negative feedback, but he took to Twitter Wednesday to share a violent voicemail that he received.

The voicemail is more than a minute and a half of various insults hurled at Swalwell and other prominent Democrats including President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The caller refers to President Biden as a “piece of [expletive]” and Vice President Harris as “sand [expletive]”

The caller detailed graphic ways in which they hope to see Rep. Swalwell killed. “I want to say not me, but I hope someone cuts that [expletive] throat from ear to ear,” the caller said. At multiple points in the voicemail, the caller states that they hope that someone will violently kill Swalwell’s wife and children as well.

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Later in the voicemail, the caller criticizes Governor Gavin Newsom’s “Join Us in California” campaign by saying, “Nobody wants to [expletive] come to California, tell that to Governor Newsom.”

The caller went on to say that “somebody just needs to [expletive] kill all you [expletive] Democrats,” before chanting “Trump 2024.”