MARTINEZ (KRON) – The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office will not be filing charges against the mother of the man accused of killing Alexis Gabe, DA Diana Becton said after meeting with Gabe’s family Wednesday.

The reason is insufficient evidence, according to the DA’s office.

As KRON4’s Sara Stinson reported, the family went to meet with Becton amid calls for her office to charge Alicia Coleman Clark, the mother of Gabe’s ex-boyfriend Marshall Curtis Jones, for allegedly helping him to cover up the murder.

Gabe was last seen Jan. 26. Investigators believe Jones killed her that evening. Her body has never been found and the motive remains unknown.

In a timeline of events constructed by investigators, Jones is believed to have travelled to his mother’s house shortly after killing Gabe and then again, a few days later. On Feb. 2, he flew to Seattle to stay at his father’s home.

Marshall was killed by law enforcement in early June when officers tried to serve an arrest warrant for the murder. Clark was briefly detained on May 19 on suspicion of aiding and abetting, but Becton decided not to file charges against her, and she was released.

After the meeting Becton said “It was a productive meeting, and it was good to have Mr. and Mrs. Gabe, law enforcement, and attorneys in one room so everyone could appreciate the state of the ongoing investigation.”

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Rowena Gabe said afterward that “we’re still hoping to get justice.”

Gwen Gabe strongly believes that Clark knows the location of Alexis’ body.

“We strongly feel that she knows something,” he said. “Marshall is gone. Why, why still keep the information? Share it. She can anonymously call the tip line and just tell us where she is.”

Simon O’Connell, an assistant district attorney, said that “there’s some investigative aspects we’ve agreed upon today.”

“There’s also legal issues and a need for evidence,” he said.