(KRON) — Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price announced Wednesday that she dismissed two murder charges against a man accused of committing three murders. Delonzo Logwood, 32, is still charged with one of the murders.

Logwood’s case became controversial when it was reported that Price offered a 15-year plea deal to him in exchange for pleading guilty to one of the murders. The plea deal was rejected by an Alameda County judge. Now, Price says the judge has agreed to drop two of the murder charges.

According to Price, Logwood’s case was in limbo under her predecessor, Nancy O’Malley. He has already served 14 years.

Under charges filed by the O’Malley administration, Logwood was facing 75 years to life if he was convicted. Price said that was not realistic.

In 2008, Logwood allegedly gunned down Richard Carter, Eric Ford, and Zaire Washington. Price said the evidence against him in the murders of Carter and Washington “came exclusively from a cooperating witness.”

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According to Price, the witness had almost 12 years taken off his 31-year sentence in exchange for testifying against Logwood in 2018. The witness was released from prison in February and now refuses to cooperate, Price said.

Price also called the witness’ testimony “problematic” for giving contradicting facts.

“We learned back in January that this witness was not guaranteed to testify,” Price said. “Additionally, his testimony was very problematic in terms of contradicting objective facts and our ability to secure a conviction in any of the cases was extremely tenuous. We concluded that the previous administration had overcharged and mismanaged the case, and that’s why we worked so hard in January and February to arrive at a negotiated settlement. The Court’s rejection of that proposed plea agreement in March created an unexpected barrier to our efforts to resolve the case. Today, the judge has accepted our evaluation of the evidence in the case and dismissed the two murder charges to match the evidence in the case.”

Price accused Judge Mark McCannon, who denied her original deal to Logwood, of being biased for how he handled the hearing. She argued that he should no longer be allowed to preside over criminal cases.