(KRON) — In a video posted on Thursday, Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price revealed details about a Hayward homicide that happened on May 11. The suspect, Vaughn Boatner, 33, of San Mateo, was arrested on May 22 in Seattle, Washington.

Boatner is accused of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old Monique Alridge of Hayward. Price was told by police that Boatner also shot Jacques Jackson Fields, who was Aldridge’s new boyfriend.

Aldridge was shot seven times in the head, per DA Price. Jackson Fields was shot in the head and in the arm.

Price said Boatner and Aldridge’s 5-year-old son was present for the shootings. Jackson Fields was able to protect the child, according to Price. Aldridge was pregnant with Jackson Fields’ child at the time she was killed.

Boatner has prior convictions of gun possession and cocaine possession. He also had a pending case for robbery.

Price said she authorized Boatner’s extradition from Seattle to California so he can be tried in Alameda County. He is charged with murder, attempted murder, child abuse and gun enhancements.

“In this instance, we believe the major gun enhancement is appropriate in this egregious violent crime,” DA Price said.

Price has previously directed her office not to add enhancements when charging defendants. She says this case is different.

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“The message I will continue to repeat is that our special directive doesn’t prohibit all gun enhancements,” she said. “Each crime requires a painstaking evaluation of the evidence and the circumstances. Unless required by law or excluded from the policy, enhancements are not going to be automatically applied. They will be used sparingly when appropriate, as in this case.”

Boatner faces 50 years to life for murder and 32 years to life for attempted murder. Those potential sentences are more severe due to the enhancements.