SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Reducing the number of traffic fatalities in San Jose has been a challenging problem for the city.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, the city is now turning to technology in hopes of saving lives.

KRON4 has the latest tech the city is rolling out.

At the intersection of Monterey Road and Curtner Avenue little box size cameras called license plate cameras have been installed on top of the intersection poles.

Raul Peralez told KRON4, “when people know there is a camera there, a license plate reader, our hope is we are going to deter all of this illegal activity.”

Peralez is a council member and chair of the city’s vision zero task force, a task force made up of community members, with a goal to reduce roadway fatalities.

Peralez says he hopes the cameras deter sideshows, people running red light and pedestrian traffic fatalities.

He said, “the cameras will be our eyes at some of these intersections, that our high priority, they will allow us to issue warnings to people that are running the red lights.”

Eventually, he says it will allow the city to issue traffic citations. But for right now, the license plate reader will scan every plate passing through the intersection.

If a plate is recognized as stolen, an amber alert, or wanted, it will send real time data to law enforcement.

Peralez told KRON4, “there are very crucial instances where these license plate readers might even save someone’s life.”

Peralez says the pilot program will be rolling out at a few other intersections.

He says the camera’s are expensive but if successful, San Jose might buy more in an effort to reduce traffic fatalities.