(BCN) — The Town of Danville on Tuesday will hold a study session to discuss whether the city should allow commercial cannabis use.

A staff report for Tuesday’s meeting says since the state began legalizing cannabis sales, “the town has prohibited all commercial cannabis uses in town to the extent permitted by state law.”

The ban includes a prohibition on residential delivery of cannabis, which must be lifted on Jan. 1, because of a new state law – the Medicinal Cannabis Patients’ Right of Access Act – which says local jurisdictions can’t enforce or adopt regulations prohibiting the retail delivery of medical cannabis to either medical cannabis patients or their primary caregivers.

The law will allow local jurisdictions to adopt “reasonable regulations of such deliveries,” the city said.

The council will discuss whether the city should amend its ordinance to remove the prohibition on residential delivery or simply stop enforcing it while leaving it on the books.

It will also discuss whether the city should remove the prohibition for all residential deliveries or only those for medicinal cannabis as required by the new state law and whether it will adopt local regulations of retail delivery or rely upon those already adopted by the state.

The report said the Danville police chief has “indicated that it would be preferable to rely upon the state regulations for uniformity.”

The Danville Town Council study session begins at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, at the town offices community room, 500 La Gonda Way, in Danville.

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