DANVILLE, Calif. (KRON) – A Danville restaurant owner says not now.  

He is choosing not to shut down his restaurant to outdoor dining. 

The owner of Crumbs says it is not fair to force restaurants to close when retail, especially large chains, are allowed to operate.  

Crumbs owner says he is not a rule-breaker and this is not easy but adds, these are uneasy times.  

On Tuesday, people sat outside at Crumbs restaurant in Danville, eating, even though they were not supposed to. 

In Contra Costa County, outdoor dining is not allowed anymore.

The county making that decision along with other Bay Area public health departments to try and deal with the say is the rapid rise in COVID cases. 

Owner Jimmy Eliopoulos says he didn’t feel that closing was the right step to take right now. 

“This is a matter of survival,” Eliopoulos said.  

Crumbs closed down in March when the shelter in place went into effect and then slowly but surely, it followed the California blueprint for a safer economy and opened back up.  

Eliopoulos adds, he does not want to see anyone harmed and he doesn’t want to see anyone get sick.

He adds this latest announcement is asking too much from small businesses. 

“Target is open. Others are open. This is not fair,” Eliopoulos said.  

As for his patrons, they say they are in support. 

“I think they are safe and I will eat here,” Jeff Paul said.  

He says he is not alone and is meeting with other business owners in town at the restaurant right behind me to talk about a plan going forward. 

He says other restaurants plan to reopen outdoor dining as well in the days to come.

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