(KRON) — A driver pointed a gun at another vehicle on Interstate 580 on Saturday night in San Leandro, and it was all caught on dashcam video.

The situation escalated around 7 p.m. near 167th Avenue on I-580, the owner of the video says. The owner of the video asked to remain anonymous for their safety. He says that as he was driving, he noticed the driver of the gray Honda pointing a gun at him from the lane on his right.

In the video, you can see two cars pass by him, a white sedan in the left lane and a gray sedan on the right. As the two cars pass, the driver of the gray vehicle appears to put a gun out of their window and aim it at the white sedan on the left.

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The gray sedan then veers left into the second lane, closer to the white sedan, before swerving back to the right. The video ends as the car speeds off.

The video owner tells KRON4 he couldn’t believe something like this happened to him. He says that he contacted the California Highway Patrol to report what happened, but he didn’t receive a report number from officers.