NAPA (KRON) — The daughter of an 87-year-old woman says her mother was abused at a North Bay medical facility.

Today, a lawsuit was filed against the Napa Valley Care Center in Napa for elder abuse and negligent hiring and supervision.

The daughter of the elderly woman, Vivian Yocum, says her heart is broken — saying that no family should have to go through what she has gone through.

Yocum suffers from short-term memory loss among other things.

Her daughter, Lori Reed, says that when she came to visit her on this occasion, her diaper rash cream was left beside her bed. Her mother thought it was her chapstick and put it on her lips. Reed was upset that that cream was left nearby knowing that she has memory issues.

She claims that her mother has been left to lie in a soaked and soiled diaper for hours on many occasion, left lying in pools of her own vomit, and prescribed an antibiotic to which she is severely allergic to multiple times.

“I feel like if I’m not there every day, they just don’t care,” said Reed. “It’s hard to even talk about because it’s been very very heartbreaking not only to experience but to watch your mother go through that. It’s been difficult.”

KRON4 spoke with a lawyer who represents the Napa Valley Care Center. He says they have not yet been served with the lawsuit, but that they are in compliance with all regulations and that Yocum is still a patient here.