A deadly car crash in Napa this weekend claimed the life of a young San Francisco man as he and his wife were on their way to celebrate their anniversary.

KRON4 met with the woman on Monday night in an exclusive interview.

Sara and Jaryd felt they had their whole lives ahead of them. They were enjoying a weekend in Napa celebrating their love when a car crashed into them head-on.

“He was the most beautiful person that I ever met,” Jaryd’s wife Sara Tashakorinia said. “And I know it sounds cliche but that’s true. He changed who I am. He changed a lot of people’s lives.”

Tashakorinia and her husband were on their way to dinner to celebrate their first wedding anniversary Saturday night just before 9 p.m. when 53-year-old Hilda Arroyo driving north on Highway 29 in Napa crossed double yellow lines and crashed into a truck before colliding head-on with an Uber driver carrying the newlywed couple.

“We had a few drinks because we were in Napa, so we took an Uber because we didn’t want to hurt anyone and to be hurt. We wanted to be safe,” Tashakorinia said.

Jaryd passed away before the eyes of his beloved wife with whom he’d traveled the world seeing about 20 countries in their four years together.

The couple had plans to buy a home and have a baby. 

Although those plans have now changed, his mother says Jaryd managed to do a lot in his short life that came to a tragic end at 28 years old.

“He wanted to change the world but not something big, something small, saying hi in the street, just making someone smile, and be there for everyone,” Tashakorinia said. “He was giving. He just wanted to give the world.”

Sara wants people not to take their loved ones for granted and appreciate every minute spent with family. 

And as the reason for the crash is being investigated, she also reminds drivers to pay critical attention when on the road.

“Just don’t think of yourself only,” Tashakorinia said. “Think of everyone who can be impacted by your actions.”

Jaryd’s parents flew in on Monday to face the unexpected loss, while Sara’s parents flew from Iran into Canada where they await a meeting with the United States embassy next week. 

They fear a travel ban may stand in the way of them getting to San Francisco to be with their daughter for the funeral.