SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — A nationwide baby formula shortage is sending many parents scrambling. Store shelves are emptying thanks to a supply chain shortage, and a major safety recall.

The shelves at this Walgreens store in Fremont are almost empty. A similar scene at the CVS nearby, where there is a maximum of three containers per customer.

The shortage is affecting retailers nationwide. Target and Walmart are also placing limits on how much customers can buy at one time.

Meantime, local organizations like Mother’s Milk Bank in San Jose, want to raise awareness about donating breast milk.

“We’re seeing about a 20% increase in demand for donor human milk,” Jonathan Bautista, the Executive Director of Mothers’ Milk Bank said. “It’s difficult to put that on the formula shortage because we don’t often get that information when people request the milk when they send a request in the milk bank.”

Bautista says donors are screened and are tested for infectious diseases.

“Once they pass all that and we get consent from the mother’s physician and the baby’s physician that the mother and baby are both healthy to donate her milk,” he added.

As parents come across shelves with very little inventory, Bautista wants families to know there are other options.

“Families do have a choice and donor human milk is the next best choice for those families if the mom doesn’t have a milk supply,” Bautista said. “Donor human milk creates that bridge to help feed their babies.”

If anyone is interested in donating breast milk, click on the link here.