After three decades, an accused prolific sexual predator is off the streets.

But now, some of the victims’ cases can’t be tried because it’s too late.

Police arrested Latu Lavaki earlier this year.

Investigators say he targeted victims in two Bay Area counties, and they believe there are more victims out there. And they want them to come forward.

There could be victims far and wide. The suspect is known to have ties to San Mateo County and Santa Clara County.

He also spent time in Utah while evading law enforcement. There are at least 4 known victims. 

Authorities say Lavaki is a sexual predator and victimized many girls over the past few decades.

On Monday, the 62-year-old was convicted in superior court for an assault that happened in 2005. He was convicted of two counts of lewd acts with a minor under the age of 14.

Due to the number of current victims, prosecutors believe there are even more out there.

In the search for victims, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office has provided both Lavaki’s current mugshot, and the photo from his driver’s license, so people can recognize him at different stages in life.

Wilfredo Rodriguez says he’s seen the suspect in his Millbrae neighborhood. That is the same area the current victim is from.

If you’ve had any inappropriate contact with Lavaki or allowed him around your child or children, you’re urged to contact the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.