The devastation at the iconic cathedral is sending shockwaves across the world and certainly here locally.

City Hall is lit up in red, white, and blue in solidarity with Paris.

San Francisco is sometimes referred to as the Paris of the West, San Francisco is a sister city of the French capital.

The cathedral on California Street was actually modeled after Notre Dame but despite being thousands of miles away from the historic site, the destruction is being felt in San Francisco.

San Francisco’s French Consul General Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens says the world famous cathedral not only attracts millions every year, it stands as symbol of human history.

“It’s a French building but it’s also a milestone in the history of architecture, in literature, in art. everyone on the planet knows what it looks like,” Lebrun-Damiens said.

Notre Dame has a sister in San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral — the familiar looking stone towers and the spire were inspired by the 12th century structure.

The place of worship located in Nob Hill shared their prayers on social media.

The consulate says there are more than 60,000 French nationals living in San Francisco.

One Parisian Olivier Azancot watched the disheartening images in his San Francisco café. “I’m glad nobody got hurt from what I understand.

Everybody was safe which is the most important thing but the materialistic part they will work on it,” Azancot said. Azancot is confident the city and country will rebuild.

“There’s going to be a rebirth of Notre Dame for sure. They will build it and no problem,” Azancot said.

Grace Cathedral plans to have a special prayer for Notre Dame and the people of Paris as a part of their Wednesday night service. 

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