A man has been arrested after he allegedly ignited an explosive device and threw it under a Sonoma County sheriff’s patrol car. 

The incident happened on Friday just before noon as a deputy was getting lunch from a Safeway store in Guerneville. 

The deputy parked his car on the west side of the parking lot and entered the grocery store. 

While inside, he heard a loud explosion from the parking lot that rattled the store’s windows. 

The deputy ran out to the parking lot and saw people pointing at a man who was running northbound through the parking lot. 

The suspect was being chased by an off-duty officer who managed to tackle the man and hold him until the deputy arrived. 

At the time of the man’s arrest, he was holding a backpack that contained more explosive devices, authorities said. 

He was arrested and transported to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Substation. 

The Safeway was evacuated and the surrounding area. 

Witnesses told investigators that they suspect throw suspicious items under the deputy’s patrol car and then heard a loud explosion. 
A Safeway employee was injured and suffered minor injuries. 
She was treated at the scene and returned to work. 
A bomb squad arrived and neutralized the backpack, rendering it safe. 
The parking lot is still closed as a bomb dog sweeps the area for more explosives. The suspect’s car is being investigated for further explosives. 
The store is open for business with limited access. 
The suspect’s name isn’t being released at this time, but authorities believe he’s from Sonoma County.