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Dine & Dish: Coffee in the Capital

SACRAMENTO (KRON) -- Having grown up in Sacramento, I can speak with some authority about a cup of coffee.

Back in the day you couldn't get a good cup of coffee if your life depended upon it.

Boy have things changed.

If you find yourself here - my fellow caffeine fiends - you're in luck.

This is Camillia Coffee Roasters in the Wal Public Market. It's part of the hip historic downtown district.

Sure there's a Starbucks in the shadow of the state capitol. But if you insist on going local - there are any number of esoteric concoctions to give you that caffeine kick.

Instead of breakfast pastries -- Camellia Coffee makes hand pies and if you don't see a lot of patrons sitting for hours on their laptops - that's by design.

Think coffee on the fly -- more time to explore the camellia capital.




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