Disabled placard citations going down in South Bay, DMV says

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SAN JOSE (KRON) — This might be the beginning of a positive trend — at least that’s what the Department of Motor Vehicles is saying about public awareness surrounding the use and abuse of disabled parking placards.

One woman found out the hard way that getting caught using someone else’s disabled parking placard is not only illegal but expensive.

The misdemeanor citation cost her $400 dollars says, DMV Investigator Wendy Espinoza.

“The young lady admitted the placard is her dad’s and he’s not here today, she parked here because she’s kind of short on time,” Espinoza said. Espinoza and several undercover colleagues spent the morning checking placards along San Fernando Street near San Jose State.

They verified 51 placards, issued three warnings and wrote just two citations in what may be the start of a positive trend says the DMV’s Jaime Garza.

“At least here in San Jose we’re starting to see those numbers go down,” Garza said. “And if that’s the case we’re making an impact.”

The DMV is conducting about two dozen such enforcement effort each month across california. Using someone else’s placard or using an expired placard are the most common violations.

“Whether it’s to park here and not pay a meter, which is what we’re seeing today,” Espinoza said. “Or at Target or Costco or sporting events, it’s a crime of opportunity to avoid spending a lot of time and money looking for parking.”

The goal of the effort is full compliance, to make sure the only people who have a valid disabled parking placard are those who truly need one.

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