OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office charged three minors in connection to a shooting at Skyline High School in Oakland. District Attorney Pamela Price said, “We were just lucky that no student was injured or even killed. Our office has charged three juveniles we believe were involved in the incident.”

Students were in class on September 5 when shots were fired on campus. Oakland Police Department officers swarmed the school, arrested multiple teenagers, and found two handguns. No one was injured, OPD Captain James Bassett said.

Neither police nor prosecutors identified the three minors. It’s also unknown if the minors are Skyline High School students. Investigators have not released a motive behind the violence.

Price has faced criticism from community members this year over how she handles cases involving juveniles. The district attorney said, “Many people are concerned that we are not doing enough to hold young people accountable. We should all also be concerned that we are not doing enough to deflect young people from criminal activity.”

Price asserted that youthful criminals involved in serious offenses such as car-jackings, shootings, and homicides, are in fact removed from the community by the Alameda County Probation Department. “They are not just getting arrested and walking away,” she said.

The department provides “support and guidance” for juvenile offenders “to help them become responsible adults, while minimizing the negative consequences,” Price said.

Skyline High School was closed for days before students returned to their classrooms. The school, located at 12250 Skyline Boulevard, does not have metal detectors on campus.

Hours after the shooting, Oakland Unified School District spokesman John Sasaki told reporters, “This has been happening far too much in our community, far too much in our world right now, and it needs to stop. Stop engaging in violence in all its forms. Whatever the conflict you might have, whether it’s in the city, or anywhere else, it’s not worth the consequences. Please stop.”