NAPA (KRON) — Newly released surveillance video from Napa police shows two men attacking a woman at a local bar.

This happened about two weeks ago, but police have only been able to track down one of the two men involved.

They say they need your help finding the second suspect.

KRON4 spoke to the victim and has exclusive video that could help identify the other man on the loose.

The victim hopes by releasing this video, someone recognizes and helps police find the man who attacked her who is still on the loose.

Horrific video released only to KRON4 news shows Audrey Amundsen thrown to the ground inside Stones Bar, and then in a second video, you see her thrown out a door and beaten by two different men in Napa earlier this month.

The man in a green t-shirt is still on the loose.

“It’s not OK. It’s scary, you know?” Amundsen said. “For anyone to put their hands on someone’s neck or to kick them when they are down, you know, it’s not OK.”

Juan Rojas, the man in the blue hat in the video, turned himself in, but the second man, shirtless with tattoos shown in the exclusive video, is James Curtis Faulkenberry, police said. He is on the run.

The victim hopes by releasing this video, you can help track him down.

“He started taking off his shirt, making a scene, and he came around to the side of the table where I was, and I put my pool stick up and just, ‘No no no no. Back up. Back up.”

Amundsen is still dealing with swelling, bumps, and bruises after hitting her head hard on the concrete but is thankful she’s alive.

“I’m grateful I can tell my story and these guys can go away for a long time because they need to,” Amundsen said.

If you have any information that could lead investigators to Faulkenberry, contact Napa police immediately.