SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — “Yes, there are economic concerns and yes we can’t afford basic necessities, but it’s also how are we making sure that we can be the best, most educated and informed doctors that we can be,” said Dr. Kelly Butler, Resident Physician at UCSF.

That was one of the many doctors who took part in a walkout Wednesday at UCSF — calling for higher wages and better benefits at hospitals in the UC system.

The doctors are also rallying in solidarity with the thousands of UC academic workers on day three of their strike. That group’s union is now calling for all elected officials to cancel any speaking engagements or events at UC campuses out of respect for the picket lines

The doctors aren’t on strike yet, but they did stop work for about half an hour today to fight for what they call a fair contract.

UC campuses across the state have been the sight of signs, chants and megaphones. Wednesday was no exception at the Mission Bay Conference Center Courtyard of UCSF.

That’s where unionized resident physicians stopped work in the afternoon to demand fair pay and benefits. Butler is a second-year resident at UCSF and says she’s a month away from a student loan repayment she can’t afford.

“Very real reality that people can’t afford to park at work, people can’t afford to silicate childcare because they are working 80 hours a week and they can’t take care of their own kids,” Butler said.

Dr. Butler is one of 5,000 doctors who have been in contract negotiations for the last 9 months with UCSF. The group is rallying alongside the almost 50,000 UC academic workers on strike this week.

The unity break also consisted of fellows like Dr. Paul Wallace, who is continuing his psychiatry training.

“We’re hoping that we don’t ever have to get to a point where we have to go on strike and we can come to a resolution with our contract before that point,” Wallace said.

Doctors at UC Davis and UCLA Hospitals also walked out on the job Wednesday.

All three walkouts got the support of Senator Scott Wiener.

“We don’t want someone who’s learning how to be a surgeon or a psychiatrist, or learning how to just provide medical care for people, we don’t want them to not be able to make rent,” Wiener said.

UC campuses are world renowned for their research in health and medicine. Dr. Butler says that can’t continue if there’s inadequate compensation for the young talent being recruited.

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“If the University of California globally and certainly UCSF wants to live up to their mission in being one of the most diverse prestigious forward thinking and progressive institutions then they have to match that,” Butler said.

KRON4 reached out to both UC and UCSF for comment. UC responded in regards to the 50,000 United Auto Workers on strike saying the best path forward to an agreement will be through a third-party mediator.