SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. (BCN) — A dog attacked by a mountain lion in Woodside Wednesday night is expected to make a full recovery, officials said.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department said the attack happened on Raymundo Drive in Woodside at about 9:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Det. Rosemerry Blankswade, a sheriff’s department spokesperson, said the homeowners heard a commotion on their lawn. One of the dog’s owners got into her car and honked the horn at the mountain lion to scare it off.

The dog was taken to a vet for its injuries. No one else was hurt during the incident.

The homeowners said the mountain lion found a way onto their property even though there was a six-foot deer fence surrounding it.

As of Thursday afternoon, officials have not yet located the mountain lion involved in the attack.

Blankswade said they believe it was an isolated incident. The sheriff’s department is working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to monitor the situation.

Residents who spot mountain lions are encouraged to report the sightings to county officials at (650) 363-4911. For emergencies, call 911.

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