DUBLIN (KRON) — The dog flu outbreak is still spreading in East Bay shelters.

It started at Oakland Animal Services and reached the East Bay SPCA in Oakland and Dublin.

Now the shelters are putting more than 100 dogs in quarantine to prevent the flu from spreading further.

The East Bay SPCA says they just secured a nearby warehouse to send all the sick dogs to where they’ll be treated and kept from other dogs.

The infected dogs from will start moving there at the end of the week, but shelters say the recovery will be a long, challenging process.

“Trying to move 100+ dogs from our facility and probably as many from the East Bay SPCA facility takes a lot of heavy lifting considering it’s pretty similar to a natural disaster for us,” said Rebecca Katz with Oakland Animal Services.

Katz says two-thirds of the shelter’s 108 dogs are now sick with the canine flu and anticipates all of the dogs will become infected.

Some dogs that transferred from their facility to the East Bay SPCA in Oakland and Dublin are also infected and spread the virus.

“Right now we’ve paused all of our dog adoptions and Oakland animal services, which is the main intake for the city, has been asking people to please hold onto any strays or surrenders for as long as possible,” said Karalyn Aronow with the East Bay SPCA.

In the meantime, the shelters locked down a warehouse to treat and quarantine the dogs already infected.

“We will probably have most of those dogs in the facility for at least 4-6 weeks and that’s really to prevent the spread,” Aronow said.

Katz says the challenge with the disease is that it lasts for a very long time.

“They continue to shed the virus for up to 24 days so its highly contagious,” she said.

For dog owners worried about their furry friends at home.

“The best things you can do for your own dogs is to keep them away from other large groups of dogs and if you yourself are in a shelter, boarding facility just use good hygiene,” Aronow said. “Wash your hands, change your clothes before you get home to prevent the spread to your own dog.”

They also recommend talking to your vet about vaccinations.

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